Gone are the days when companies unenthusiastically contemplate manpower staffing being a fatiguing and over-burdened process within the competitive corporate world. With the current economic scenario of corporate world, almost everything can be outsourced for the efficient of the company. One key area in business management is where outsourcing has garnered enormous attention recently is certainly Recruitment Services.  There was a time when companies invested a lot of time and financial resources in searching for the most suitable employees themselves and end up incurring additional expenditure for the business organization. If your organization is extremely concerned about cost saving on the time and scaling down expenditures, essentially the most assertive method of placement is to utilize our recruitment services / staffing services / employment services. At Assure Recruitment, we tailor-made manpower staffing solutions to your business needs. We have been persistently formulating and optimizing effective human resource solutions to enable you to weather economic fluctuations, regulation expenditures and enhance productivity.

Local Staff Placement

Why put yourself through the work and stress of interviewing and selecting staff through your own internal hiring process when you can balance your work load and come in on budget through outsourcing.  We provide flexible, premium and distinctive services for staff placement in Singapore by offering a full-range of services for contract, temporary, permanent and executive positions across different industries. As a consulting role in your business, we ensure staffing needs are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our consultants work closely with your company representative to determine your staffing needs by  as correct analysis is vital to finding the perfect candidate for the role.  We also developed effective working relationships through matching people and organisations as we believe in long term partnership with our clients and professionals.  Our broad range of services and customized approach to find not just a human resource for your company, but an individual who can make a positive impact on your business. We accomplish this by bringing together our industry expertise, recruiting experience and unique approach.

Foreign Manpower Recruitment

Considering that the talent pool for certain specialized industries is limited in Singapore, we often experienced shortage of skilled manpower in Singapore. In order to sustain the manpower requirements of our local industries, foreign talent / skilled manpower are necessary to supplement our thriving demand for skilled foreign workers. At Assure Recruitment, we focused in advising and assisting our local organizations in selecting and recruiting well qualified manpower from various countries within the Asia Pacific Region. We work closely with our accredited partners in these countries to implement our stringent recruiting and selecting criteria. Our agency also keeps abreast with the latest changes in rules and regulations implemented by our Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) with regard to the employment of foreign talents. We offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services including sourcing, pre-selection, interviews, documentation, settlement and after sales services. We have proven successful in many industries throughout the years and these industries segment have since become our areas of practice.

Other Services

We provide the following Services:

  • Application/Renewal/Cancellation for Work Permit, S Pass and Employment Pass Holder
  • Processing document required for all Work Passes
  • Workers Insurance
  • Airport arrival/Repatriation assistance
  • All general matters relating to Ministry of Manpower (MOM)